3PDT Footswitch Pro - Latching

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Product Overview

The Stomp Box Parts 3PDT Pro! A standard style 3PDT footswitch for true bypass switching with an LED. Built to last, perfect for quality handmade builds and the dependibility needed for high volume manufacturing. 

-High Temperature Durability. These are made to take heating abuse. High temp casing and our electric blue epoxy endseals ensure that they can withstand longer heating times from hand soldering or a wave bed. This more rigid plastic means the internal mechanism stays put under instense heat and intense stomps. 
-Softer Click. These have a lighter click than the standard 3PDT.  The activation force is about ~42oz which we find is a terrific balance between a nice smooth feel and long mechanical life.
-Silver Tinned Lugs. Lugs take solder quick and easy, further reducing the need to excessively heat the lugs in order to take solder. 

Mounts in a 12mm or 11/32" hole. 

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3A at 250VAC, 6A at 125VAC
Insulation strength: >100M Ω
Contact Resistance: <.1 Ω 
Electrical Life: 50,000 cycles
Activation Force: 40-45oz

Solder lug, triple pole double throw.