PCB Sources

If you're looking for stripboard/veroboard/protoboard, we have a modest selection that can be found here: stompboxparts.com/pcbs. These are great option for smaller circuits, prototyping, and point to point wiring.

However, we are aware that a lot of our customers want something more elegant, printed, and easier to work on. For more complicated circuits, a quality PCB is critical to simplify the build and get it to fit inside of a pedal sized enclosure. 

Here is our list of some top-quality stomp box related PCB distributors:

Aion Electronics (aionelectronics.com) : Aion offers plenty of sleek PCB's for vintage and other popular pedals. Great, in-depth project documentation, including mods, component substitutes, and alternate versions. Most projects have your choice of a PCB that fits into a 125b or 1590b depending on your enclosure preferences.

Build Your Own Clone (buildyourownclone.com/collections/pcbs) : This is where many people first learned how to make a pedal. Lots of great PCB and kit options, easy to follow instructions for beginners, and a great resource for learning how to begin building pedals.

Dead End FX (deadendfx.com/)

Effects Layouts (effectslayouts.com

Frog Pedals (frogpedals.com)

Madbean Pedals (madbeanpedals.com) : Madbean has been in the pedal PCB game for a long time and is a great resource for a lot of really cool pedal projects. Tons of PCB options and great project documentation with mods, substitues, alt versions, etc.

Mask Audio Electronics (maskaudioelectronics.bigcartel.com

Guitar PCB (guitarpcb.com)

General Guitar Gadgets (generalguitargadgets.com) : GGG provides easy, ready to build pedal kits so beginning builders can take off running at a great value. They also offer a good selection of PCBs. GGG typically focuses on simpler circuits, but their boards are high quality and their project documentation is thorough and easy to work through. 

Pedal Parts and Kits (pedalpartsandkits.com)

Pedal PCB (pedalpcb.com) Lots of fantastic circuits available and they're adding new ones frequently. Sleek, symmetrical PCB designs that are typically designed for a 125B enclosure. Very streamlined builds via their easy to follow wiring and same/similar enclosure drill patterns across their whole line of projects.

Tonepad (tonepad.com)

Zero G IOD (zerogiod.com) Spicy original designs, unique aesthetic PCBs including PCB based faceplates! 


If you'd like a PCB designed for your circuit, we'd love to help! We specialize in surface mount and through hole design and offer expert populating services. 100+ quantity is what we typical work with. Feel free to contact jon@cusackmanufacturing.com for more information.