About Us

Stomp Box Parts was started in 2019 as the retail parts division of Cusack Music after the closing and acquisition of the remaining inventory of Mammoth Electronics. After months of sorting parts, finding the right team, and learning how best to serve both DIY'ers and value manufacturers, we are pleased to be a one-stop-shop for all things relating to effects pedal parts. 

Our mission for the employees at Cusack Music is to "help people help themselves". We've seen first hand that DIY'ers of all trades dive into that mentality, and Stomp Box Parts is an extension of that mission to the greater world of effects pedals and other DIY audio electronics. We are here to fuel pedal and audio nerds to dive headfirst into the world of electronics and learn something new along the way. 

We are geeked about all things related to guitar gear and manufacturing! From sourcing and stockpiling parts, designing and building our own pedals (Cusack Music and MojoHandFX), OEM manufacturing for dozens of the biggest boutique effects pedal companies in the music industry (Cusack Manufacturing), to warehousing and distribution (Full Effect Distro), we have truly gone down the worm hole of any and everything related to getting cool gear to musicians and noise makers. 

We're glad you're here. Rock on.