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Enclosure Services

StompBoxParts offers a rich selection of powder coated colors available on our more popular enclosure sizes. Powder coating is done in-house (well, next door) at Cusack ManufacturingAll of our enclosures that are available can be found here:

For customers seeking to order powder coated enclosures in bulk: Contact us! If you see a color not available on our website but listed as a preferred color here, please Contact us! There will be a minimum quantity (about 20pcs, depending on color), but we will get to work on having it stocked on StompBoxParts as a standard color moving forward. Deposit or pre-pay may be required. 


Are you looking for custom drilled, powder coated, printed enclosures?  If so, here are a few resources:

Amplify Fun: Drilling, UV Printing, Laser Engraving, Faceplates & Badges, Graphic Design, Custom Drill Guides. 

F5 Metalworks: Drilling, powder coating, and UV printing (and face plates, soon!).

Keech Design: Jigs and templates for DIYers drilling their own pedals. Using a jig makes drilling quicker with holes consistantly in the correct spots.

Monarch Enclosures: Custom and one off marble dipped enclosures for full runs and single pedals. Made by hand and custom colors available.

Obscura MFG: 25 piece minimum orders. Drilling, powder coating UV printing, and laser etching.

Loophole Pedals: Drilling, painting and UV printing, with a 10 piece minimum.  Paint is Cerakote, which is more durable than standard powder coating.

Pedal Parts Plus: Drilling, painting, UV printing, and graphic design services.

Prismatic Powders: Our favorite powder supplier! Used on thousands of enclosures for a variety of clients of Cusack Manufacturing.