Enclosure Services


All of our enclosures that are available for sale can be found here: stompboxparts.com/enclosures/

Are you looking for custom drilled, powder coated, printed enclosures?  If so, here are a few resources:

Cusack Manufacturing: Specializes in orders of 50+ pieces.  We currently work with 1590A, 1590B, 1590BB, 1590XX and 125B.  We will work with other enclosure sizes if the order size is large enough.  For a quote, send drill drawing, artwork, powder color, and QTY needed to: jon@cusackmusic.com. cusackmanufacturing.com/

F5 Metalworks: Drilling, powder coating, and UV printing (and face plates, soon!).  f5metalworks.com/

Loophole Pedals: Drilling, painting and UV printing, with a 10 piece minimum.  Paint is Cerakote, which is more durable than standard powder coating. loopholepedals.com/collections/enclosure-services

Pedal Parts Plus: Drilling, painting, UV printing, and graphic design services. pedalpartsplus.com/