Enclosure Services


All of our enclosures that are available for sale can be found here: stompboxparts.com/enclosures/

Are you looking for custom drilled, powder coated, printed enclosures?  If so, here are a few resources:

Cusack Manufacturing: Specializes in orders of over 50 pieces.  We currently work with 1590A, 1590B, 1590BB, 1590XX and 125B.  We will work with other enclosure sizes if the order size is large enough.  For a quote, send drill drawing, artwork, powder color, and QTY needed to: jon@cusackmusic.com 

F5 Metal Worksf5metalworks.com/

Pedal Parts Pluswww.pedalpartsplus.com/

Loophole Pedals: Drilling, painting and UV printing, with a 10 piece minimum.  Paint is Cerakote, which is more durable than standard powder coating. loopholepedals.com/collections/enclosure-services