Holiday Shipping

Shipping Carrier Delays: Throughout the holiday season and even in the weeks after, please expect shipping delays from the carriers. Historically, all carriers experience a massive increase in shipments, and delivery is slowed. USPS is affected the most by this often seeing delays of a few days to a few weeks. We're bummed and disappointed when packages don't arrive timely, but unfortunately once the package leaves our hands, we can't do much else to make it arrive faster. And as the holidays approach, the burden only becomes larger for all carriers. 

FedEx: To aid in more reliable and rapid delivery, we've negotiated special FedEx 2day rates (USA only), which you will notice as a shipping option. Orders under 2.5lbs will ship for $13, 2.5lbs to 8lbs for $16. 

USPS: We will NOT be providing any refunds or support to track down packages sent by USPS First Class (USA or International) or USPS Priority. We don't have any additional leverage to track down your package other than the tracking number provided. Please fill out the Missing Mail form on their website. Sometimes this helps get the package moving faster. 

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Happy Holidays!