I have a question not on this page.
Did you even look at the rest of this page? ;)

But seriously....use the Contact Us page or email me at ross@stompboxparts.com.

Do you offer quantity discounts?
We do on some items, but mostly no. You've probably noticed that there is a minimum quantity on most items under $5. Alongside buying in bulk with Cusack Manufacturing we are able to keep prices low. By default we are selling most parts at quantity discounts that typically match other distributor prices at 100-1000 piece orders, and we're only asking you to buy a couple. 

We aren't going to lower the price any more as we are confident that our prices are competitive and we want to pass on the savings of quality manufacturing grade parts to DIYers and small to medium companies alike. 
When will my order ship?
Orders placed before 4pm EST Mon-Fri will be boxed up and ready to ship same day. USPS orders will be in the hands of the postal service by 5pm.
FedEx/UPS orders will ~probably~ be picked up same day. On rare occasion, FedEx/UPS will stop by before 4pm, and that's out of my control. If that's the case, your package will go out the next day! 
There's no guarantee that orders will ship out on over the weekend, but then again....maybe it will....
It's been 3+ days, where is my order confirmation and tracking information?
Our website automatically sends these emails when you place an order and when we ship. Sometimes you put in the wrong email, it happens. Reach out to me and I'll look into it. 
On a few occasions (typically for customers outside the United States), they never get any of our emails.
We've found that sometimes the emails get blocked by a spam filter, so add hello@stompboxparts.com to your safe senders list. 
My payment in PayPal says "awaiting payment", what's wrong?
That's normal! We don't capture payment until the order ships. This allows us to do a few things: 1) If you place two orders, we (usually) catch it to avoid charging you two full shipping prices, 2) If you need to cancel, we can do that before PayPal charges fees, 3) If you need to add a few things to your order, we can add those on before charging your PayPal/card (add-on's items must be less than 15% of the total order price or sale is rejected).
Something is missing from my order, what do I do?
It doesn't happen often, but we're only human. If a part is missing, or if we forgot to include screws, mounting hardware, etc., email me right away. Provide your order number and what's missing, and I'll get back to you ASAP! (Also, if you ordered an enclosure, double check that stuff isn't packed in there)
Some parts are defective, I don't like them, or are not the parts that I ordered. Can I return them?

If you ordered the wrong parts or you don't like them, I'm happy to refund you as long as you return them to us. Shipping costs are not refundable.

If you've received defective parts, message me ASAP so we inspect and prevent others from getting bad parts. We try to screen for defects when we receive and when we ship, but things slip through because sometimes it's hard to identify an issue until the product is in use. We'll either refund, replace, or ship them back to us. It's a case by case scenario, so please message us. Restrictions apply for orders sent outside of the United States.

If you received parts that are not the ones you ordered, email me. We'll get you the correct parts on our dollar. Depending on the circumstance, you may get to keep the wrong parts, but we may have you ship them back, which we will pay the shipping for.

I'm looking for a particular part that is not on the website, do you have it?
Maybe. Email me or use the Contact Us page!

Are you on social media?
You bet. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube!




Who pays customs duties and taxes?
The buyer is liable to pay all import duties and taxes. We pay to get them to us, you pay to get them to you. I cannot estimate what these are because they are different for every country and different for certain products. We will NOT ship the items as gifts or declare a lower value. I know it's annoying to pay extra fees, but it's part of buying internationally. 

Can you bill my carrier account? 
Sure! There is an option for international customers to choose "bill your carrier account" in the shipping options at checkout. Please provide the carrier and your account # in the order comments. 

*Note* If you choose this option because it is free and you don't actually have a carrier account to provide, the order will be canceled and refunded minus PayPal fees as those are not refundable to us. Sorry for the inconvenience but please do not choose this shipping option unless you actually have a shipping account. 

What international shipping carrier do you recommend?
The fastest and most reliable carriers we use are FedEX and UPS. They are usually more expensive, but if you're in a hurry and don't want to take the chance of your parts staying in limbo forever or going missing, we highly recommend them. 

USPS First Class International is the most affordable and has also been the most unreliable by a high margin. We've seen some USPS First Class orders arrive in a week, other up to 12 weeks. In our experience, they have lost more packages than the rest of the carriers combined. Even though that sounds bad, I would guess only 1-2% of USPS packages face severe delays or go missing. We will NOT be offering refunds, re-shipments, or intensive package searches on orders shipped with them. 

Unfortunately, we can only provided minimal assistance tracking down your package after it leaves our hands. We have the same abilities to track a package as you do, and we don't have any additional leverage with USPS/FedEx/UPS to provide additional info or to expedite. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 

What are your international shipment terms? Where does liability transfer? 
All international shipments will be sent "ExWorks". Meaning, once we (the seller) package it up and purchase the shipping label, liability transfers to the buyer. If the carrier looses or damages the shipment at any point in between, that is the buyers responsibility. If customs seizes the package and doesn't deliver, if the plane crashes, or anything happens after we put on the shipping label, we cannot cover the loses. By placing your order, you agree to these risks.

These are the same terms we agree to when we purchase our parts, we take the risk of them not being delivered. Therefor, that risk is on the buyer who purchases from us. While it is unlikely that anything will happen and your package will most likely be delivered safe and sound, you (the buyer) agree to these terms by placing an order with us. Fingers crossed we never have to worry about it! That said, if your package goes missing, please let us know. It is good to have data on which shipping carriers we can trust the most to deliver safely and promptly. 
Do you ship to the United Kingdom?
Until I can figure out the new Brexit stuff and how to tax and remit to the UK, we will NOT be shipping to the UK. Your order will be refunded.