16mm Potentiometer - Smooth Shaft - Short PCB Leg

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Product Overview

16mm potentiometer.

Short PCB mount legs.

1/4" smooth shaft.

These could be a mix of Alpha, Mammoth, Vimex or Cusack brand.

Cusack premium pot values:
What's so great about Cusack pots? GLAD YOU ASKED.
1) Glass fiber insulation wafers are ridiculously strong. If you apply upward force to the traditional "orange" wafers, they will break.
2) No front tab on the face. We know almost all of you cut them off immediately anyways.
3) Resistance value listed on back (and front) of the pot make for easy double checking that the right part is in the right spot once it's mounted.
4) Super smooth and quiet rotation that requires a good amount of force to turn. No stiff or loose feeling rotations.