AC128 - PNP Germanium

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1 unit

Product Overview

This was made to be in your fuzz. PNP Germanium.

NOS 1970's relabeled by NJS.

Choose your hFE range, higher number is higher gain.

*Note, germanium is temperature sensistive, these were measured in my warehouse that is about 70°F. Tested at 9v. Anything with a leakage about 300uA was rejected. These hFE ranges are meant to be ballpark ranges and it is not guaranteed that your transistor will fall perfectly in that range. Example, if you choose 80-90, it might be 75 or 95, but it will not be outrageously outside the selected range 

*Rejects are a mixed bag of transistors that did not fall within our specs. Very low gain, high leakage, etc. Probably no practical use but if you want to take your shot with them, be my guest!