Wiring Board for 3PDT Footswitches

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Product Overview

Wiring board for standard sized 3PDT stomp switches

Route your wires straight to the wiring board, or use a 6 or 7 pin ribbon cable!

Which holes goes to which connection?

  1. Input signal to FX PCB
  2. Input signal from input jack
  3. Ground (jumped to hole 7)
  4. Output signal from FX PCB
  5. LED
  6. Output signal to output jack
  7. Ground (jumped to hole 3)

The FX PCB input (hole 1) is sent to ground in bypass to help avoid pops when engaging. 

Ground holes 3 and 7 are jumped together, so these can be used with 6 or 7 pin ribbon cables.

These work best with solder switches. The fit is better, and they will require less solder. You can use these with PCB pin 3PDT's, it's just not as easy of an install.