Website now ONLINE!

Posted by Jon Cusack on Feb 26th 2020

Stomp Box Parts is a parts website for small builders and DIYers.  We exist because we also own a manufacturing facility that uses these same parts, Cusack Manufacturing.  Since we buy in higher volume, we can pass those savings on and offer the higher volume price breaks, even at small order QTYs.

In order to keep our prices low, we do have minimum purchase QTYs that vary with each part.  WHY?  Because there is a cost to picking, packing, shipping an order, and we need to ensure that on smaller orders we can at least break even on our costs.

Much of our inventory came from the now defunct Mammoth Electronics.  As a result, we are using Mammoth part numbers for much of our inventory.  This will allow former Mammoth customers to find the same parts they were used to buying.

We are adding parts to the site everyday, so if you are looking for a specific part, please send us a message and we will try to get that part on the website.